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Midway Bicycle Supply is a bicycle parts wholesaler, so we only sell to bicycle businesses such as shops, non-profit bicycle programs, units of government and non traditional bicycle businesses.

We started Midway Bicycle Supply in order to serve small shops and other bicycle businesses that want to order in small quantities.

Benita and Michael also run a small bicycle shop in St Paul MN www.mmrbstore.com  Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles where we collect used bicycles fix them and give them away we pay for this by selling some repaired bicycles, doing repairs, selling used parts. Midway came about because of our need for a reliable source for the basic parts need to repair basic bicycles.

We aim to provide quick service and have the parts you need on hand. For more information give us a call 651-955-1930 or send an email to info@midwaybike.com, or a letter to:

Midway Bicycle Supply
506 N Prior Ave
St Paul MN 55104

And thanks for the interest.

Fax to 651-433-7027

7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello!
    I was just looking at your site and wondered if there was a way to get a bit more information about a product? For instance, I was looking at a mtb bike triple crank. It did not give me BB length, was it a 8 speed, 9 speed etc? What brand is it?

    Thanks for your help!
    Jackie Chase Cyclery

  2. Jackie,

    I updated the listing for the MTB crankset it is a Shun SS-8395 I think it is 8 speed but could not find out that for sure it does not come with a bottom bracket although the Shun catalog says it needs a JIS 113mm .

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