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Midway Bicycle Supply is a bicycle parts wholesaler, so we only sell to bicycle businesses such as shops, non-profit bicycle programs, units of government and non traditional bicycle businesses.

We started Midway Bicycle Supply in order to serve small shops and other bicycle businesses that want to order in small quantities.

Benita and Michael also run a small bicycle shop in St Paul MN www.mmrbstore.com  Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles where we collect used bicycles fix them and give them away we pay for this by selling some repaired bicycles, doing repairs, selling used parts. Midway came about because of our need for a reliable source for the basic parts need to repair basic bicycles.

We aim to provide quick service and have the parts you need on hand. For more information give us a call 651-955-1930 or send an email to info@midwaybike.com, or a letter to:

Midway Bicycle Supply
506 N Prior Ave
St Paul MN 55104

And thanks for the interest.

Fax to 651-433-7027

45 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Regarding the order I just placed:

    I need the parts by this Thursday the 7th. If that is not convenient, please call or email to let me know.

    Also, do you carry 650B/27.5″ tires and tubes? I need presto value tubes for both sizes, and am interested in any tires you stock for that bead size.

    Thanks, call or text 3092557657.

    Will Terrill
    Monk River Bicycle

  2. Also,

    What is the best chain lube that you sell? I put one kind of lube in my order, but am not sure of the quality. Would you swap that lube for another if you have a better recommendation?

    Go ahead and add 6 tubes each of the 650b sizes you have to my order as well, if you have any.


  3. Hello!
    I was just looking at your site and wondered if there was a way to get a bit more information about a product? For instance, I was looking at a mtb bike triple crank. It did not give me BB length, was it a 8 speed, 9 speed etc? What brand is it?

    Thanks for your help!
    Jackie Chase Cyclery

  4. Jackie,

    I updated the listing for the MTB crankset it is a Shun SS-8395 I think it is 8 speed but could not find out that for sure it does not come with a bottom bracket although the Shun catalog says it needs a JIS 113mm .

  5. Wondering about the order we placed in mid September. When I looked at the order only one tire there was not highlighted. Does that mean the order is waiting for that tire?

  6. Since we were out of town our Grandson picked, packed and shipped your order it should be arrive today.

  7. re: Bulk brake pads- SKU: 150047
    Hi Mike & Benita!
    Wondering if you’ll be ordering more bulk pads again soon?
    Jim @ Re-Bicycle Lenawee
    Adrian, MI

  8. Good Morning!

    Just wondered if you knew when you might have 7 speed 13/28 freewheels in stock?

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Hi, Benita & Mike!
    We rec’d our Thursday order in time for Saturday shop hours, thanks so much! When reconciling our order I noticed you weren’t able to send all the 26″ bulk tubes (not boxed). Wondering when you might receive more. Our repair business at the co-op has quadrupled and we’ll need more in a matter of weeks. Please advise! Also, loving the 26″ 3spd Sturmey wheel, asking if you sell just the chain barrel adjuster separately?
    Jim @ Re-Bicycle Lenawee
    Adrian, MI

  10. Re-Bicycle Lenawee here! Black threadless 26″ fork (250006 rigid to replace suspension), asking what size race it needs. Thanks, Mike; keep up the exceptional work!

  11. For item 550070 (WHEEL 27 IN REAR AL SILVER 36H QR DW 126 MM 10 MM AXLE that costs $44.42).
    Is this FW or cassette?
    Also, do you have an exact matching front?
    Thanks, again, Mike!

  12. Hi,

    Any idea on a restock date for linear brakes or 90 degree noodles?



  13. Just received our first parts order. Fast shipping, everything arrived perfectly. Thank you so much, looking forward to sending another order very soon.

  14. Hey again, Mike! Looking at Bendix hub parts, I think your Home / New Old Stock (NOS) / Other NOS / Bendix brake arm side dust cover AB-331 (SKU 630142) should be labeled AB-31, according to my Bendix diagram. Please verify so I can change my diagrams if needed. Thanks, always!

  15. James,
    The AB-31 is the arm side dust cap for the red band the AB-331 is for the blue or yellow band hubs.

  16. Hello! looking for some road brake levers with adustable reach. This is an older Raleigh bike, so friction shifting… is this something that you have in stock?

    Thanks for the help!
    Jackie/Chase Cyclery

  17. Hello Midway. I am looking for Park Tool FR-4 and/or Bicycle Research CT-3 Both are freewheel cassette removal tools. do you carry either? I do not see them on the web site catalogue.

    Thank you

    Eric Clough
    Front Street Community Bike Works
    Coos Bay, OR

  18. Hello! I realize that this is an item that isn’t listed on your page, but wondered if you will carry indoor trainers? I wasn’t sure whether you might have run into some in when you were out in some of the shops.

    Thanks for the help!
    Jackie/Chase Cyclery

  19. Hi, Mike & Benita!
    Wondering if you’ll be able to get in line at Microshift and be able to order their new 1x system (Acolyte is the 1×8, Advent is 1×9)?
    Great for gravel and mtb, we hear!

  20. Great to read Benita’s response to the January Guest Editorial in Bike Retailer News (March 2021), well said! We stand with Midway and your great customer service.

  21. Dan,

    The orders say on hold until I go in and change them, your order shipped today.


  22. David,
    This wheel does not have a machined sidewall it is painted black so not made for rim brakes.

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