A few answers to common questions.

What are our terms?

We open all accounts on Net 30 terms.

The only option is pay by check can we pay with a credit card?

About once a week we will send out invoices that are payable online with a credit card using Square.

At what level do we get free shipping?

We cover the shipping on orders of $400 or more, excluding wheels and, rigid tires that are 24″ or larger.

What is the minimum order amount?

No minimum order, order what you need when you need it.

Where do we find the silicone tape for finishing road bike bar tape?

Under the Grips and Bar Tape SKU’s 260019 thru 260024.

Why do some products not have pictures?

We have not taken pictures of items in the NOS or one off category, so no images are available. However if you would like a picture of one or two items just let us know and we can take a few.